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The positive impact we've made, shared by our customers

"I've never tried CBD until I got the lotion and it worked great and combined with this stuff I feel like a brand new person great products!!" ANTHONY N.

"Lotention is the best CBD lotion I have ever used, I used it during my pregnancy to help with the back aches and it worked wonders it's definitely the BEST out there!" BRI PACKER

"I use it on all my aches and pains and it works wonders. I love rubbing it on the bottoms of my feet before bed, makes for a great nights sleep!!" SHELLY BENNETT

  • We Believe In Natural Health

    Here at Lotention we focus solely on creating great products to boost your body without the negative side effects of modern medicine.

  • How Do We Do It?

    By studying the affects of essential oils and other natural ingredients, our team blends these special combinations to create products that so many people have turned to in order for a better daily function.

  • Will It Work For Me?

    Weather you have difficulty waking up and keeping energy. Or you find it hard to gain the needed energy within sleep. Our premium body butter also helps with a LARGE verity of conditions, from feet pain to neck and shoulders. We got the solution to help your body to feel amazing and to lower your tension.